Oct 3, 2010

Rant - Homophobia and Suicides

There has been very many (TOO MANY) suicides this past two months because of gay hate. Many younger teens are commiting suicide because of being gay bashed and bullied. It breaks my heart to see this. I myself am of the LGBT community, but I'm strong enough to where I don't let these comments affect me. I'm worried about the youth and how this will change people's perspective. If people weren't so fucking programmed by their parents or peers to believe that gay is wrong, then this wouldn't be happening. There are more important things to worry about then sexuality! The majority of America (I live in America, by the way) would rather see a girl get raped then two men get married, and that is just wrong. I really hope this all changes in the future, and LGBT people because more accepted (And they have been, but not enough)

I don't tolerate gay hate when I see it infront of me, I speak up, and if I have to, I will defend someone's life to gay hate. I just wish LGBT people could look at people like me (Who live their life happily regardless of gay hate) or people like Jeffree Star, Lady Gaga, and other celebrities that support the LGBT community, or are gay themselves, which goes to show that you can get through life being the way you are, you just have to be strong.

I think homophobics should know what it feels like to be hated everyday because of their sexuality. People say gay people and bisexual, transexual, etc are weak, but if they walked a day in our shoes, they would know we get looked at and instantly hated, we have to sometimes hide who we are to please others, and we risk getting treated lower because of it. Like not getting hired, not getting on a team, etc. That is called being strong, when you are hated everyday and still manage to make it through the day.

Let's hope people open their eyes and realize that while they are hating because of an opinion their religious book, or parents, or friends, or family, or tv, or song told them, they're causing youth and adults to hate life all because of one little hate comment.



  1. it is very sad.. there really shouldnt be so much hatred in this world. we really have NO reason to hate our fellow man, but yet we do..

    its just not right

  2. It makes me so angry. I don't understand when people look down on anyone homosexual, because I completely don't see how they're different. I mean they love who they love, and it's no different whether your straight or gay. It just angers me to no end. I completely agree with you. I go to a school where many people are homophobic, and everyday I have to argue with them but they are just not willing to change. It's disgusting how much hate a person can have for someone just because of their sexual preferences.

    /End mini rant