Oct 23, 2010

Good Changes, Suspensions, and...

Long time!
I was MIA for like two weeks on the official forums and I'll get to why later on the post.
I'm getting a video card! I was supposed to work today for it, but I'm underage so my mom will just buy it for me since I can't legally work for it (At a daiquiri stand which is family owned.) so..

I have a busy week ahead, with the release of Late Night (Which I am not getting for a while since I'm getting a video card first which means after that no money for a little bit) so I'll just spend my time on the forums like a creeper and read reviews :D

Then on Friday, I have a Rocky Horror Picture Show performance to go see at the Hard Rock! (Woot!)
THENNN, a Halloween part the day after!

THENNNN, a week after I get to go see the long awaited concert which I spent two months watching for it to appear, which is The Birthday Massacre, which is my second favorite, adored, cherished band. I'm excited for that.

Oh, and I got into HAIRSPRAY! I get to be a bitch in the council member's group. (You know, the people on the set that are like "You're too fat" or "You can't dance")

Onto my "suspension"

A week and a half ago I got into a fight at school and got suspended. I'm not saying what happened except that I do NOT tolerate shit talkers, and so when I confronted them, they didn't take it well and attacked me, so you know, I SNATCHED A BITCH BACK.

So I got grounded for a week, no computer, no phone, therefore my day consisted of school, homework, and bed. then I started sneaking on the computer and I've been trying to keep up with my competition.

Well, I'm ungrounded and ready!
So, in the coming weeks, you'll start seeing new work from me :D


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