Sep 17, 2010

Save your drama for Obama.

I realized that many people on the forums all agree with each other because they're afraid if they don't, they'll be labeled an outsider, troll, or just annoying. or the banhammer will snatch their ass. either or.

I'd like to step out of the box.
I build my reputation (an internet reputation on a forum, how sad.) around being one of the different Simmers on the forums, because I'm always flaunting bright hair colors on my stuff, sarcasm, and posting pictures and references to unheard of people (or people that aren't on everyone's radio?) ohh and always talking about my support for the LGBT community. But because I like to disagree with things that, "I don't agree with" on threads, I have a reputation for being a bitch! LOL.

Just my opinion but, I don't give a shit about what you THINK I should say.

have a ball.

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