Sep 18, 2010

Invitation only. (Good news for me!)

I got an invitation to audition for Hairspray at a special, high end, PRIVATE performance arts theatre. Not only is this a big deal, this opens up doors for me with acting. (I feel like I'm in a Sims game, LOL)

When I say private, I mean that to get into one of their productions, you have to be invited to audition, since auditions are rarely open to public. This means they have a good reputation for showing high end performances. I'm excited!

anyways, I was invited because apparently they liked the work I did in the last production and they wanted me back.

I am required to dance, sing, and read lines for the audition, so I'm pretty pressured but VERY anxious and excited.

Wish me luck guys! (Auditions are in October.)

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