Apr 2, 2011

No More Schnazzy Screen?!

My monitor decided to drop dead today.

This means,I have to use my mum's old monitor (Which isn't OLD, it's just she hasn't used it for a while)

It's screen is REALLY wide and very short.
So, there's miles in between and little sky above if you know what I mean.
(That rhymed! :D)

I cannot for the life of me handle the Sims right now, none of the ingame screen resolutions work right, and I have a headache looking at the screen now..

What should I do?


  1. Buy a new one? :D
    You might be able to pick a really cheap one with brilliant resolution atm, it's like TV's all the prices have dropped with all the new technology coming out soon.

  2. Hmm maybe, I have another monitor, but it's the big thick one, but it'll have to do, as long as I get my regular square screen back, right?