Aug 15, 2010

My Jeffree Star Recreation!

I recreated Jeffree Star once again. This reason is because he looks different this year than last year so I figured I'd make a Sim that is updated as well.

Jeffree Star is a cross-dressing musician, performer, and model. He's outspoken and doesn't tolerate hate, so hating him will only be wasting your precious time.
He is known for his vulgar lyrics but things have changed since then and his music is more appropriate and meaningful.

I personally idolize him for my own reasons and I've met him once and seen him live in concert twice.

**Be aware that the makeup on his Sim photograph is edited, but he still looks like Jeffree Star ingame, I just edited his eyeshadow.

Download link:
He is a female Sim ingame because it was easier for me that way.

His picture is my avatar, which you can take a close look by following the link below!
Constructive critism is awesome! As well as feedback!

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