Jul 17, 2010

Rant on a real life topic.

One of my cherished bands,Blood On The Dancefloor, maybe a favorite, not sure, but anyways~ Has been accused of one of the band member raping a fan, this is the second time I think? Well, I already know they didn't rape anyone, I've met them twice, and I've hung out with them for a long time, they're some of the coolest people, but they would never do that. When one of the members were previously accused of rape, the girl dropped the charges when they asked her to test for rape. Now they accused my husband (Well, that's what I think, bahahah!) Jayy Von Monroe of rape, not only does that piss me off since he's my favorite, but it's just ignorant, Jayy, if I'm correct, is in a relationship with another man, and he said it himself "I would never touch her, I'm more queer than Clay Aiken." (Something like that.) Now I know Jayy didn't rape anyone, He's too, unqualified for that, if you get me.

Part One Of My rant:
What is with girls these days? Really? I'm a girl and all, but I'm not going to have sex with someone so I gain friends and "Maturity" (Hint: You don't gain maturity from sleeping with anyone and everyone, you gain STD's.) It's like... the younger a teen girl is, or the less maturity she has, the SHORTER her shorts get. Sex isn't everything, it doesn't prove you're ready for life, and honestly, when someone says "yeah, I had sex last night" my response is I don't fucking care. I don't want to know about your sex life, especially if you're under the age of 18. Sure, sex is fun to joke about, but joking is different than doing.

Part Two Of My Rant: What is up with girls accusing bands of raping them, having sexual relationships with them, etc. I accuse band members of being my "husband" but that's just being a stereotypical fan, I'm not being serious about it, but when girls go around saying shit like that, it's bad on the bands reputation and it's bad on the band members themselves. These girls have got to stop accusing bands of serious shit like that, because they think it's getting them popularity, but it's just causing controversy for the band, and making the girl look like an uneducated, lonely, slut. I'm quite disappointed at the youth these days (I'm only 17!) because of the way they handle sexual matters. Now one of my favorite bands is getting it hard again because a dumb girl decided to accuse them of something very serious.

Now I'm aware some of you might already know this band or might google them after this, and you might or might not like them, but if you don't, don't let your preference interfere with your opinions on this matter, because there are bands I don't like, but if something like this happened to them, I'd put my opinions to the side and figure out the truth. Bad band or not, FALSELY accusing someone of rape, is just IGNORANT.

The moral of my rant:
If you want friends, make friends, but don't have sex with the person next to you to get them, and also, don't ruin someone's life just to make a few friends. Karma is only a bitch if you are.

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  1. I use to love BOTDF. I still like them, but I'm not obsessed anymore.

    And I agree, seriously there are some pretty idiotic, and ignorant girls these days. What ever happened to common sense and responsibility. No wonder we get treated differently to men...